Creative Places: Fall Inspiration Part 2 – The Great Indoors

Now I love being outside and enjoying the cool, crisp Fall air and the crunchy leaves, but let’s be real here – Fall in Ohio has its dreary days. The weather also can just decide to be freezing in the morning and then nice in the afternoon and back again, making it difficult to plan to always be outdoors. Therefore, I think its great to have some solid indoor options for when you are seeking some creative spaces to enjoy some of fall’s more comfy pleasures. To me, this means richer, heartier textures and spaces that scream “Fall” as much as changing leaves do. These are a few of my favorite indoor spaces during the Fall season.

  1. Mission Coffee Co. – During your visit, you will experience the full spectrum of plaid flannels colors, and more beards than you saw on last week’s Game of Thrones episode, but I mean that in the best way. This shop is in the Short North, so you should have been well aware of what you were were getting into here. However, if there is one thing we do trust the hipsters with in Columbus, it is our coffee. Mission is a warm shop with exposed brick, hard wood, and an awesome garage door style storefront. The windows let you people watch the best of the Short North Who’s Who while you relax on a comfy couch with acoustic indie playing softly in the background. The atmosphere here is the perfect classic, hip coffee shop. And that’s just the environment. Mission is an excellent cup o’joe. They are a no frills kind of joint with the standard coffee and espresso offerings. All of their coffees are locally roasted, which is a plus (cue Kristen Wiig “that is freshhhh”). Their specialty, however, is definitely their “hand brewed” menu. Mission has the most unique ways that you can have your coffee brewed, which changes the way your joe tastes. The methods include the Clover(my favorite), Chemex, V60, Woodneck, Siphon, and the standard drip. Try them all to find your new favorite way to brew a coffee that is anything but regular.


    Photo Credit: Instagram @Missioncoffeeco

  2. Dough Mama – One of the best new additions to the Clintonville Bakery scene is the cute and quirky Dough Mama. I visited one chilly morning to wait for it to warm up before hitting the Cville Farmer’s Market with my gal pals. We had a BOMB brunch at this sunny spot. While it was chilly outside, inside Dough Mama, it is anything but. We are talking biscuits, pies, sandwiches, cookies and muffins. These are hearty and rustic offerings. I had a ham biscuit sandwich with potatoes and it was bone sticking farmers market trekking fare. The biscuit was buttery and flaky, with salty ham and a crispy, soft fried egg. This warm and savory treat is exactly what you need to get through a cool Fall morning. The atmosphere inside is also so inviting you might not want to leave. There are houseplants, wall hangings by local artists, and a neat offering of locally made goods for sale in the front. Dough Mama just feels like home should in the Fall.


    Brunch at the sunniest lil table at Dough Mama. P. S. It’s Thunderkiss Coffee

  3. Fox in the Snow – If you haven’t been to Fox in the Snow by now, I’m sure you have at least heard of it. This cafe/bakery skyrocketed to fame when it opened in Italian Village a little over 2 years ago. While they don’t have wi-fi (which is a nice change of space, unfortunately it’s not somewhere to work remotely), it is a great place to meet for a huge cinnamon roll and a fresh pour-over coffee. The shop sits on 4th St and you have a perfect view of what an urban Autumn looks like outside of the garage style doors. My favorite feature, aside from the obvious stacks on stacks of baked goods in the counter case, is the ability to look in on the bakers as they continue to bake up a storm. It is mesmerizing to watch them roll and cut the cinnamon buns. I love watching processes. It is always fun to marvel at an end product, but the process is even more important to appreciate.


    The pastry case to beat all pastry cases at Fox in the Snow. You see those icing pillows in the corner? Yea, there are cinnamon rolls under there.

I hope that you all have enjoyed my sharing of my fall inspiration spots. There is always something to be inspired by in this city, and Fall is no exception. What are your favorite indoor spots to kick back and relax during fall? Let me know and you might see me there sometime soon!

Til Next Time!


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