Creative Places: Bleu & Fig

Sorry I was MIA last week…sometimes our bodies just need to rest. I took a little break and I am back and better than ever! Well, better at least. Anyhow, before I took my time off, I was able to attend a fabulous fundraiser for my work at an amazing local spot, Bleu & Fig. You probably have passed by this little gem on High St. in North Clintonville (Beechwold to some). This is not your typical run of the mill restaurant however, this is not a “restaurant” in the traditional sense. This is a one of a kind event space with catering run by the innovative and charming Chef Brooke Kinsey.  Brooke and her team helped us to make sure the event was absolutely flawless and it was a fantastic night for a number of reasons, including the amazing food and atmosphere. Creativity shines at this space while still retaining a homey and timeless feel.

The event space at Bleu & Fig is the best blank canvas for an event, but it’s not just your typical “gray box” of a space. It is blank in the way that the decor is striking, but neutral. This allows you to customize your decorations as you see fit, but if you’re more on the minimalist side, you also don’t have to bring anything! This space is perpetually ready to party! One of my favorite parts of the space, and while this might sound odd, was their welcoming bathroom! There is nothing worse than rusted-out bathroom stalls to kill a mood for an event. You do NOT need to worry about this at Bleu & Fig (see below). Their walls display striking paper flowers (made by hand by B&F’s staff). Another special touch was the hand lettered window panes made by none other than Clintonville’s own NatterDoodle (who is also one of my favorite local artists)!


The piece de resistance at every event is obviously THE FOOD, And Bleu & Fig delivers beyond expectations. From the beginning of planning the dinner, Chef Brooke was so helpful in assisting with planning the menu and every dish shines with her unique touch. We were lucky enough to have our event right at the peak end of summer growing season. Our menu was infused with so many fresh ingredients picked right from the garden in front of the venue. I saw the staff picking veggies right before they put out dinner! I’m pretty confident that I have never had an ingredient that fresh from a restaurant. Our dinner featured Honey Yeast Bread, Fresh Dressed Greens, Summer Vegetable Orzo, Honey Thyme Carrots, and Bruschetta Chicken. For dessert, Chef Brooke blessed us with a fantastically sweet and sticky, yet crumbly apple crisp. While seemingly standard, each dish had a special touch that surprised the palate. Whether it was a secret blend of herbs and spices or just Chef Brooke’s talented hands that made each aspect of the meal so delicious, I am not sure. I do know, however, that this was hands down one of the best meals I have ever had, and I didn’t even have to fly to a fancy metropolitan city, it was literally just down the road (#blessed).

Unfortunately, Bleu & Fig is not open for regular business, but they do host monthly events, such as a Sunday Brunch ( I have heard rumors of a candied bacon tower). I definitely plan on making sure that I snag one of those reservations for their next open event because I am not yet wealthy enough to hire a personal chef! I cannot recommend enough the talented chef and staff of Bleu & Fig for any and all catering needs, and their gorgeous space in Clintonville for your next event that you don’t feel like hosting!

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