Creative Happenings: Taste and Talk

You know what I love more than good food? Ok, I actually can’t write that with a straight face, so instead….You know what I love just as much as good food? The answer is conversing with those responsible for the good food. That is exactly what I had the privilege of doing a few weeks ago at my new favorite neighborhood haunt: Bleu & Fig. The owners of the event space in Clintonville (check out my last post for some more in depth info on B&F) invited some of the best local food entrepreneurs set up shop for the evening and invited attendees to taste their creations.


Salumi Couture

What is a party without a little charcuterie? Answer: Not a party that I want to be at. Especially not without the delicious cured meats handmade by Chef Dave Lesgold. Available for sampling were four of his most popular meats (all named after Ninja Turtles, btw). My personal favorite was the warm and chewy April, Lesgold’s take on Sopressata. Paired with the gruyere cheese and fig jam (also homemade), this was such a fabulous symphony in my mouth. Sometimes cured meats can be a little tough, but all of the samples had the most splendid textures, not too chewy, but almost buttery. So yummy. You can’t order online yet, but if you’re local, you can find a list of where to find these bites here.


Bacca Coffee

I had never heard of Bacca before sampling their delish cold brew that night, and now I can’t stop thinking about it. Chatting with one of Bacca’s co-founders, Jared, I learned that they roast in small batches right in downtown and these guys know their coffee! The cold brew was perfectly balanced and they even sell it in a bag to store in your fridge. Like wine in a box, but for your mornings! I also just want to take a moment to compliment their adorable branding. They got style – Check them out for yourself!


The Cheesecake Girl and 1201 Wine

For sampling, there was white chocolate and pumpkin pecan cheesecake bites from the Cheesecake Girl! They conveniently paired with the selection of wines from Baltimore, Ohio winery, 1201 Wine. My favorite combination was the white chocolate cheesecake with the pinot noir


As always, there were samplings of more of Bleu & Fig’s spectacular dishes including a warm and comforting roasted fall vegetable risotto, tender rosemary focaccia bread, a spicy chai crinkle cookie, and their signature candied bacon – the perfect sweet and savory treat.


Every bite and sip at Talk and Taste was made by a local entrepreneur that is passionate about their craft. It was inspiring to speak with these local business owners and her about their journey to finding their food niche. It was a great evening and I enjoyed supporting these small businesses. I love shopping small for the holidays and I think I got a head start for gift ideas! I hope that after reading you did too!


Until next time!




Creative Happenings: Ten By Three – A Badass Portrait Series

Columbus is home to an amazing amount of creative talent. Honestly, that is the main reason that I decided to start this blog. There is a creative revival happening in North Columbus and Wild Goose Creative is playing a big part in supporting the local art renaissance.


Wild Goose Creative is where you go in Columbus to be a “Part of the Art”. It is a membership based organization that is a creative incubator for all kinds of artistic happenings in Columbus. They host a number of amazing programs in their space every month. A few of my favorites include their Business of Art Series, which provides business professional development workshops for artists in the city; Speak Easy, a themed open mic storytelling event; and their monthly gallery shows, which is what I’m talking about tonight.

I’m always excited for a new gallery show at the Goose (which members get into an hour earlier than the general public, just FYI). This month was no exception because one of my favorite photographers in Columbus, the ridiculously talented Autumn Theodore, was one of three photographers featured in the show Ten By Three.

Ten By Three is a series of portraits of ten women photographed in the style of three badass female photographers, Megan Leigh Barnard, Allie Lehman and Autumn Theodore, and OH MY WOW. These photographs were stunning. Hung in simple black frames, the beauty of each picture was visceral. It was so inspirational and eye opening to see the same woman through three different camera lenses. Their unique photographic styles shone in each portrait.


Megan’s style was distinct in the way that she included additional background, or items that shared a piece of each subject’s personality. Allie’s were dark and mysterious, with each subject looking almost like a Disney villain, but in the best way possible. Autumn’s style played with all different lighting colors and angles. Each photograph on it’s own was remarkable. But when they were displayed next to each other, their power was overwhelming. These are such strong, creative women and they have a lot to say. I can’t wait to see their work and the names of these women are ones to look out for.


Photography is a skill that I have long admired and tonight I walked away completely amazed by the vision and execution of this project. It was truly only describable as “Badass”. There is more to it as well beyond just the pure artistic skill, vision, and talent of these women. The room tonight was filled with women that support these women as well and there is absolutely nothing more inspiring than a room full of badass babes supporting each other as well all seek to share and experience art in the city. This series is up at Wild Goose until the end of August. GO SEE IT!

That’s all for today,