Creative Eats: Boodle Night at Bonifacio

First off, sorry this is a day late, my dedicated readers. I was so distracted by the solar eclipse yesterday that I forgot I had important things to do; like write my next blog post!

I love going out to eat as much as the next guy, as in I really really like it. No prep, no cooking, no dishes, no needing to remember to thaw the chicken…it’s pretty great. But I will also say that sometimes you get into a habit, and it is no longer the most exciting thing. You start going to the same places over and over again, and deciding where you want to eat becomes a chore, as well as the source of 95% of all conflict in a relationship if choosing with a significant other. This is where I must say I really love Cbus, because there is a new restaurant opening every other week. This means that you can mix up your eating establishment of choice with relative ease. It also let’s you be adventurous when you choose.

A few weeks ago, one of my internship buds and I decided to give Bonifacio a try. I had eaten here for brunch before (mega yum incase you are wondering. I highly recommend their brunch as well), so I was interested to try them out for some happy hour bites and drinks as well. Much to our surprise, when we arrived that Thursday night, we were greeted with the tables covered in banana leaves and told that it was “Boodle Night”, meaning that you selected from a pre fixe menu of delicious filipino goodies to eat in the traditional Kamayan style (this means you eat with your fingers, btw).

So we were for sure intrigued. We sat down and looked at the tables around us piled high with meat, rice, and other noms to nosh. We ordered our $4 drink specials (frozen margarita for me and a pina colada for A), and our entree selections. We chose Garlic Rice, Saffron Rice, Sigsig (a delightful pork and hot peppers diced and sautéed) , Chicken Adobo( bone-in chicken in sweet and savory adobo seasoning), Lumpia (super yummy spring rolls), and Bok Choy.


When the food arrived, it was quite literally poured onto the table, rice first, and then piled with our meats and veggies. The rice was super hot, which made eating with the fingers a little tricky at first. The technique is not the most difficult to master, but you definitely feel like your mother is somewhere cringing because her “I raised my child in polite company and they are currently eating like a peasant” senses are tingling. It’s unorthodox, but it works! And it might be my new dining method of choice if I’m honest. It was a whole new way to really connect with your food and connect with the person you are sharing your meal with. It can get delightfully awkward as you both are literally shoving food in your faces, but you laugh it off and embrace the new experience.


We ended the meal with the ube ice cream sandwich, recently deemed by Yelp to be the best ice cream sandwich in Ohio. It’s very yummy, 100% unique and 100% instagram friendly. It’s so pretty and purple. The fried bun is basically a donut, the ice cream is a gorgeous purple, there’s tasty coconut strings, and, oh, yea, topped with fruity pebbles.


I view food to be one of the highest forms of art and creativity, so I am looking forward to exploring the other creative food experiences available in Columbus and sharing them here.  Food, like music, and visual art, is a way for people to connect and share an experience. It also requires a lot of thought on the part of the chef to put together in an engaging manner. I was definitely inspired by my Boodle Night experience at Bonifacio and I highly recommend it for a creative and adventurous twist for your next dining out excursion!

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Creative Happenings: Ten By Three – A Badass Portrait Series

Columbus is home to an amazing amount of creative talent. Honestly, that is the main reason that I decided to start this blog. There is a creative revival happening in North Columbus and Wild Goose Creative is playing a big part in supporting the local art renaissance.


Wild Goose Creative is where you go in Columbus to be a “Part of the Art”. It is a membership based organization that is a creative incubator for all kinds of artistic happenings in Columbus. They host a number of amazing programs in their space every month. A few of my favorites include their Business of Art Series, which provides business professional development workshops for artists in the city; Speak Easy, a themed open mic storytelling event; and their monthly gallery shows, which is what I’m talking about tonight.

I’m always excited for a new gallery show at the Goose (which members get into an hour earlier than the general public, just FYI). This month was no exception because one of my favorite photographers in Columbus, the ridiculously talented Autumn Theodore, was one of three photographers featured in the show Ten By Three.

Ten By Three is a series of portraits of ten women photographed in the style of three badass female photographers, Megan Leigh Barnard, Allie Lehman and Autumn Theodore, and OH MY WOW. These photographs were stunning. Hung in simple black frames, the beauty of each picture was visceral. It was so inspirational and eye opening to see the same woman through three different camera lenses. Their unique photographic styles shone in each portrait.


Megan’s style was distinct in the way that she included additional background, or items that shared a piece of each subject’s personality. Allie’s were dark and mysterious, with each subject looking almost like a Disney villain, but in the best way possible. Autumn’s style played with all different lighting colors and angles. Each photograph on it’s own was remarkable. But when they were displayed next to each other, their power was overwhelming. These are such strong, creative women and they have a lot to say. I can’t wait to see their work and the names of these women are ones to look out for.


Photography is a skill that I have long admired and tonight I walked away completely amazed by the vision and execution of this project. It was truly only describable as “Badass”. There is more to it as well beyond just the pure artistic skill, vision, and talent of these women. The room tonight was filled with women that support these women as well and there is absolutely nothing more inspiring than a room full of badass babes supporting each other as well all seek to share and experience art in the city. This series is up at Wild Goose until the end of August. GO SEE IT!

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Creative Places: Columbus Metropolitan Library – Main Branch

Libraries… what a drag. Amirite? OF COURSE I’M NOT, YOU LOON.

I love the library and, honestly, I think that graduate school made me forget that. I spent a good deal of time in the Thompson Library Reading Room to get me out of the house and focus a bit more. A graduate degree, well an M.A. at least, meant researching for hours and writing for hours about things that were absolutely fascinating, don’t get me wrong, but just were not…well fun. It was work! As a result, I had no real desire to go to a library of my own free will. Hadn’t even thought about going. I’ve been on a big buying books kick lately…but one only has so much shelf space.

Lately, and I’ll go into this in another post eventually, I have been dipping my toe into the design world. I watched the amazing Netflix Documentary “Abstract” on the amazing Paula Scher and decided I wanted to be her when I grew up. So, in addition to learning how to blog, I’m also learning about graphic design, which I will also write about – You guys have so much to look forward to. Anyways, I had a free afternoon, and, after brunching on the largest cinnamon roll I’ve ever encountered at the new Grandview Cafe, I ventured downtown to check out the newly renovated Main branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

As soon as I stepped out of the elevator and into the main entry, I was awe-struck and inspired. I mean, first off, LOOK AT THIS COOL SCULPTURE!


This behemoth of a piece greets you in the main entry of the Main library. I couldn’t find any information about the piece in the Library, but after a brief Google search, it seems that the artist’s name is Virginia Overton and that the materials used are from the renovation. So that’s pretty cool. I love art that demands your attention. And these giant metal spheres do just that as they hang mid-air, adding another dimension to the classical architecture of the building’s facade.

Overall, the space was full of windows (read “more natural light than you thought was possible inside but in the best way possible”), high ceilings, and it was very crisp with white and gray color themes. It was absolutely gorgeous. There are tons of chairs and spaces to find that perfect reading or sketching spot. The view from the top floor overlooking Topiary Park was also pretty great. Being a native Pennsylvanian, I constantly marvel at the flatness of Central Ohio, and I love being high up and seeing as far as I can. We have mountains in PA that block those kinds of things…

I was in the library for a few hours getting lost in the non-fiction sections, specifically, in design books thanks to my new obsession. I walked away with a copy of “Women in Design” by Bryony Gomez-Palacio  and a copy of “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, both of which I cannot wait to plow through (thoughtfully of course) and review for you all here. Yay new blog post ideas!


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I’m not sure how long to make these posts or even really how to end these things…I’m still pretty new at this. Let me know if you’ve visited the library recently and been inspired! Or just let me know if you wanted to read less/more about what I did there. I’m always open to suggestions!