Creative Eats: Boodle Night at Bonifacio

First off, sorry this is a day late, my dedicated readers. I was so distracted by the solar eclipse yesterday that I forgot I had important things to do; like write my next blog post!

I love going out to eat as much as the next guy, as in I really really like it. No prep, no cooking, no dishes, no needing to remember to thaw the chicken…it’s pretty great. But I will also say that sometimes you get into a habit, and it is no longer the most exciting thing. You start going to the same places over and over again, and deciding where you want to eat becomes a chore, as well as the source of 95% of all conflict in a relationship if choosing with a significant other. This is where I must say I really love Cbus, because there is a new restaurant opening every other week. This means that you can mix up your eating establishment of choice with relative ease. It also let’s you be adventurous when you choose.

A few weeks ago, one of my internship buds and I decided to give Bonifacio a try. I had eaten here for brunch before (mega yum incase you are wondering. I highly recommend their brunch as well), so I was interested to try them out for some happy hour bites and drinks as well. Much to our surprise, when we arrived that Thursday night, we were greeted with the tables covered in banana leaves and told that it was “Boodle Night”, meaning that you selected from a pre fixe menu of delicious filipino goodies to eat in the traditional Kamayan style (this means you eat with your fingers, btw).

So we were for sure intrigued. We sat down and looked at the tables around us piled high with meat, rice, and other noms to nosh. We ordered our $4 drink specials (frozen margarita for me and a pina colada for A), and our entree selections. We chose Garlic Rice, Saffron Rice, Sigsig (a delightful pork and hot peppers diced and sautéed) , Chicken Adobo( bone-in chicken in sweet and savory adobo seasoning), Lumpia (super yummy spring rolls), and Bok Choy.


When the food arrived, it was quite literally poured onto the table, rice first, and then piled with our meats and veggies. The rice was super hot, which made eating with the fingers a little tricky at first. The technique is not the most difficult to master, but you definitely feel like your mother is somewhere cringing because her “I raised my child in polite company and they are currently eating like a peasant” senses are tingling. It’s unorthodox, but it works! And it might be my new dining method of choice if I’m honest. It was a whole new way to really connect with your food and connect with the person you are sharing your meal with. It can get delightfully awkward as you both are literally shoving food in your faces, but you laugh it off and embrace the new experience.


We ended the meal with the ube ice cream sandwich, recently deemed by Yelp to be the best ice cream sandwich in Ohio. It’s very yummy, 100% unique and 100% instagram friendly. It’s so pretty and purple. The fried bun is basically a donut, the ice cream is a gorgeous purple, there’s tasty coconut strings, and, oh, yea, topped with fruity pebbles.


I view food to be one of the highest forms of art and creativity, so I am looking forward to exploring the other creative food experiences available in Columbus and sharing them here.  Food, like music, and visual art, is a way for people to connect and share an experience. It also requires a lot of thought on the part of the chef to put together in an engaging manner. I was definitely inspired by my Boodle Night experience at Bonifacio and I highly recommend it for a creative and adventurous twist for your next dining out excursion!

Til Next Time,